Why Hire a Divorce Attorney Near You

When it comes time to get divorced people are usually emotionally distraught and have a hard time making good decisions. However, picking the right divorce lawyers can make all the difference in the world in how happy you are with the outcome. You'll hear lots of men and women complain that if they'd only chosen family law attorney near me, they would have gotten the house, more money, better visitation, or some other important item. For this reason, it's important to spend plenty of time and do some research to get the best family lawyer near you. Remember, sometimes the rulings have long-term consequences that can make the next 20 years of your life miserable.

Don't Settle For That Late Night Cable TV Infomercial Guy


All across North America, there are ads on late night TV for getting divorced and how you should choose their firm to get the best settlement. These guys are usually really good at making commercials and very little else. You might go in for an interview and talk to the slick guy from the TV commercials but end up with some newbie fresh out of law school with very little experience. You need to be able to talk to the exact person that's going to represent you and feel comfortable with them on a personal level.


Whatever you do, don't have some corporate, personal injury, or real estate attorney take your case, there is way too much they don't know about family law that could get you into deep trouble. During the interview, make sure the lawyer has plenty of experience in divorce court and knows the laws involving child support, alimony, the division of property, and child visitation. Too many men end up not able to see their kids after the divorce but still owe massive amounts of child support. If things are going to be contentious, then the attorney needs to have third party drop-offs for the kids until tempers have cooled.


Find An Attorney Near You For Convenience


At first, you may be tempted to head downtown to the big skyscraper attorneys to show your ex that you won't be messed with. Then, you'll be stuck with an extra high bill, trouble finding parking, and maybe not get the personalized service you need. By searching for a competent divorce attorney near you, you'll find they offer better service, more accessibility, and lower prices. Since they aren't paying many thousands per month for the high-rent downtown location, or the expensive late-night TV commercials, they can offer better service at a much lower price.


Also, if you have a friendly divorce where both sides agree on most things, it's always best to continue that way throughout. Once things get out of hand, and the two sides start fighting for every little thing, the only winners are the attorneys.


If you're in a position where you need to find a good divorce attorney, start close to home.  Interview several of the local lawyers. You can still head into the big city and get a high caliber lawyer if the attorney near you doesn't fit the bill, but it's the best place to start looking.